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In the case of Listeria, the following companies are the 25 most important in the fruit sector

After the passage, the industry indicates that merchants from the United States will "take additional measures" for their products.

The Rio Duero and Subsole, exporters and packers, will be responsible for recovering their operations and reducing the risk of recoveries from the Listeria rewards similar to 3,000 boxes, respectively, according to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

And due to the industry, although they maintain that they respond quickly to the effectiveness of the country's protocols this type of situations, in any case, will not be inevitable for the deterioration of the image. Which is not so small for companies located at least 25 companies in industry.

Rio Duero, the owner of Diego Ruiz Tagle, sets the strength of his operations in the blueberry business, where he is one of the ten most important actors: stone fruits (or stone fruits, such as apricots). ) and cherries.

In the case of subversion, important groups of entrepreneurs, Miguel Allamand and Eduardo Rodríguez, have emphasized that Chile is one of the largest exporters of fruit, and has a strong presence in the countries where it is located. one of the five major operators of the table grape in the country, one of the most important fields in the fruit industry in the country, consisting of a large portfolio of international markets.

With regard to the future of the operations of the two companies in the US market, the Association of Frozen Exporters (Asoex) and the Fruit Producers Federation (Fedefruta) have resuscitated their activity without stating more rigorous measures. In this country, merchants. "While the additional measures needed to be taken by buyers, but this is the first situation (registered by the FDA), there should be no serious problem," said Asoex President Ronald Bown yesterday.

Contact with the US

Thanks to the fruit export sector, this event causes the deterioration in US trade relations. In this regard, Bown said that the FDA repeats this type of situation and "I heard listeria in four or five cases in six months," he said in that country.

The leader stressed that the alert was "a preventative process," according to US news, "there was no state of affairs, the consumption of this fruit or the consumption of this fruit was inadequate". Furthermore, he said that it is the fruit of an existing bacterium that exists, from 27 to 28 December. "At the moment there is no stone fruit available in good condition, fruit is very intense. The questioned fruit is not physically more," he said.

Bown said "doing the protocols" and "the self-monitoring sample samples before and after the initial detection results without results".

He recalled that it is the first time it appears in the Chilean FDA report, but stressed that the fruit was destroyed and that the rest of the vessel's process was continued and that it did not show the contamination of that bacteria.

According to Bown, the companies have carried out subsequent verifications on questionnaires questioning an independent laboratory: fruits and lines are "Listeria free" and exclude the presence of local products.

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Bacteria Risks

The Academy of Food and Nutrition of the Faculty of Agronomy at the Catholic University of Angélica Fellenberg said the companies warned the authorities, that Listeria bacteria may be very serious for certain groups. Most of the healthy population only produces a gastroenteritis that lasts two or three days. On the contrary, pregnant women, immunocompromised and elderly, can have serious effects, as well as death.
"When Listeriosis crosses the small intestine, it can have very serious toxins and can cause septicemia, pregnant women with abortions and early births and meningitis." According to these groups, Listeria's death is reached. 30% is very serious, "says Fellenberg.
"It is a food bacteria that is tolerant to food, no food can be found," and so the export company did well to take adequate preventive measures in the destination country.

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