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In the new year, NASA will reach the remote goal that humanity has visited

As the world celebrates the arrival of a new year, one million kilometers from the Earth, New Horizons' probe will conquer a new milestone that explores space in close proximity to humanity's approach.

It's the same ship for the New Horizons 2015, now the best look at Pluto, and since then the Kuiper Belt has been looking for Ultima Thule. "The place beyond the world's well-known".

Calculations indicate that the probe will arrive on January 1, 2019 Ultima Thuleko 3,500 kmwill include the exact image of the object, among other data, which will be the spacecraft exploration mission so far.

With this milestone, researchers think Ultima Thule's dwarves on the planet, for example, that Pluto has been creating more than four million years ago. He also offered a vision of the Solar System.

But as it is an exploration mission, no one knows what New Horizons, the intrigue that NASA defines "A mere study and a fundamental science".

New Horizons is an integrated camera that is used to collect key material for space exploration, which shows a set of images taken from the long-distance analysis camera (LORRI) from the official account of the probability that is to be seen in the next tweak. ) In New Horizons, where the stars of the Ultima Thule are seen behind the ship's proximity.

In this sense, the NASA "will begin with the new images, compositional spectra and other types of data on January 1," that day, The first image captured by a probe would be on January 2.

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