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Industrial fishermen of Bío Bío announce an unlimited sign before the national regulations governing the capture of squid


Bío Bío's industrial fishermen have announced that they have stopped working indefinitely Plants and fresh water protest laws that kill them.

On the one hand, the craftsmen called "the warning" to the Executivo and threatened to radicalize their positions when they took the Constitutional Court (TC) document.

Cry against the anti-law and anti-attitudes in the agenda, because the government did not respond to the pressure of the industry. These rules are brought to TC.

Including artisan pressure measures Cuts to the entrance to San Vicente and spot the activity in other provinces.

This has been warned Radicalize positions and demonstrations in the countryIn the absence of the request, the President of the Regional Coordinator of the Sea of ​​David Castro has certified.

"The winner of the parliament was with us, artisanal fishermen. They can keep and restore 20%. Nobody takes bread in their mouths," he added.

The pressure from the industrial fishermen was also announced Unlimited stopping of functions and in the open seauntil labor conditions and economic stability are met.

They said, if the measures were accepted, it would have an effect 12 thousand workers.

In the context of the conflict, Juan Carlos Gonzalez Bío Bío, the President of the Inter-Union Union, underlined that they have been left without patience and will not recover their duties until they meet their requirements.

He has also said he is demanding that the lawsuit be withdrawn, "because there is no democratic guarantee".

The Government has a term 5 days, After the approval of the law, to transfer it to the TC.

This regulation changes the art of capturing the cuttlefish, which can only be obtained by means of a pot or a manual line, trawling is prohibited and any other technique.

Carlos Avendaño | rbb
Carlos Avendaño | rbb

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