Wednesday , July 6 2022

Informal work announces anti-competitive measures and protects domestic workers


The Nicaraguan Mönckeberg Labor and Social Welfare Minister called 50,000 employers when they had not registered private home workers contracts with a group of different sectorial groups and announced an inspection campaign from the beginning.

The Minister of Agriculture, Nicolás Mönckeberg, announced that the contract for the year 2015 is due to register, with 240 thousand employers, who have not done anything about 50 thousand. According to the INE, there are more than 289 thousand workers in the sector. That is, there is a high rate of information to correct it.

The Government's authority announced that some measures are intended to deal with informal domestic workers' work and have to be a special control plan, the right to be the beneficiary of the universal childcare bill. a training grant from Sence.

With respect to the DT reports, 1,122 came to 2017. In October of this year, 601 were 601. The Metropolitan Region is 287 and then Los Lagos (65) and Valparaíso (47).

Among other issues, among other things, it offers the following topics such as Protecting the Worker's Life and Health, Maternity Protection, Work Information, Working Hours, Reflections, Courts, Annual Holidays and Permits. Employers' requirements. Rights. Among other issues (38.4%), Advantages (19.7%), Remuneration (8.9%), Quotations (8.8%) and Labor contract (8.3%).

The most common accidents suffered by domestic workers are burns and psychological illnesses.

With regard to fines, 1,590 were in 2015; They arrived in 2016; From 2017 to 156 and from 2018 to 105. In this regard, the most common penalties were not completed by the Ministry of Labor (37) in DFL 2, the new provisions of Quotas (34), Special Timetables (33) and 20,786 law (21).

"Our children are ending the normal expenses of the people they care for, day after day, all of them deserving of safety, dignity, contract and social security," said Minister Nicolás Mönckeberg.

However, Minister Mönckeberg has already stated that DT has already been mandated to conduct, monitor and monitor the work standards that support domestic workers. In this field, audiovisual material will be prepared for workers and employers, and will be planned and implemented proactive inspection processes, and agreements and alliances will be applied along with other services.

At the same time, the material information on the Rights of the Regional Labor Offices of the country was distributed in November.

Authorities and workers implemented the 20,786 law in January 2015, effective in non-uniform public spaces, with work management (online, and reduction of working hours, among others. As regards offenses, fines have been detected at 1 ($ 48,160) and 10 UTM ($ 481,600).

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