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Instagram's new artificial intelligence has visually impaired vision on the screen

The accessibility measures for modern smartphones are one of the biggest contributions to new technologies for people with disabilities. The big technological companies such as Apple and Android and the other major players of the major operating systems are considered to be very important for some time. Now, Instagram adds artificial intelligence (specifically, machine learning) Find out what the uploaded photos are and listen to people with sight.

This Instagram calls this function automatic alternative text, and allows you to listen to descriptions of sections that use the applications: Feed, Explore and Profile. Machine studies are used according to the company object detection technology, with a trained model.


In addition to automatic detection, There will also be an alternative manual text on Instagram. Now, when uploading photos, users can write a description of the images, with more visually impaired users.

How anonymous works on other social networks

Facebook announced in 2016 that the function of describing artificial intelligence was reached, but only its main social network. Therefore, It is curious to provide a great deal of support for millions of users of Instagram for more than two years. Facebook also allows text to be added to users

Accessibility has also been important for Twitter, and since 2016, the user allows you to upload photos Add content text descriptions. The punishment is the function, for now They have been implemented by Instagram and Facebook.

The explanation is clear, Twitter does not have automatic object detection model, but the user writes a description, but it's not uncommon for some users to explain and ask.


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