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Inti-Illimani: "Tito Fernández is a very personal character, very egocentric"


The history of the band's history shows Santiago's shows, as the report says against racism and anti-sexual abuse: "It's quite destructive, we are talking about very serious things," they say.

The historical fact of Inti-Illimani was in charge of talking about immediate projects in the Tercera Voz space: the shows that will be held at the Nescafé Arts Theater on December 28 and 29, in addition to revising its famous catalogs, will almost revive its most significant collections, Fragmentos de un sueño (Ticket tickets).

Started in 1987 when he retired from exile in Italy, before returning to Chile a year earlier. "We have no past but future, no nostalgia, what happened to us and what happened to us. Nostalgia is positive, I think you need to look back the mirror," says Salinas. "This album has placed us in the world of music," says the musician.

"Looking back, we were a group that had a collective idea of ​​giving an idea," says seves, John Williams, and Paco Peña, guitarist eximios.

It may be interesting

Nowadays, there was also a concept that appeared again in recent weeks: pinochetism. Salinas says: "It's terribly wrong, the tragedy that Chile has experienced is to stop it. It's sad. How can a huge crime be committed? Pinochet will be an eternal ogro."

In addition, he reflects on the allegations against the singer, Tito Fernández, who had to declare himself before the courts. Inti-Illimani's musician has met several singers with the singer.

Salinas, the director of the SCD, further explains: "The feeling of many musicians is very important because they are very serious. It can undoubtedly be disguised, but it is true that the fight against gender equality, the fight against women's violence, the gender discrimination pay for women On the other hand, situations appear when the woman is an object when the woman is broken. "

"It is also a terrible thing, because there is a lot of people who remember deeply about the spiritual worries, it has become a very difficult life and it is possible to commit to these things, and it is very surprising to all of us."

"Tito, a distinguished character, has been honored to honor. And because this honor and that medals are not in accordance with the belief, it is very serious and I try to distinguish private behavior from work, which is a very wrong way and I think the world, in Chile, lives coherently We look for a job, ethics, when we look for a minimum of morality: when we say honest, we are truly honest: when we do not want to say no other abuse, we do not abuse it any more. "

Fernandez, a friend of Jose Seves, said: "As people who seek help, help, help, a city, or a company looking for a church break out, it's a terrible way to do it before this request."

"It's very nice. And I met Tito, I've known him from the south for a long time, I always see (in him), more often than not, there are some tales of delirium, a very unique character, very egocentric, it becomes complex to re-shape it, It's very inconsistent. "

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