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IOS 12 has made 75% profit in compatible devices

IOS is one of the biggest advantages Your device quickly takes up the latest version of the operating system (iOS 12). This allows developers to use the latest APIs for their application.

That is why, according to Mixpanel, it is a company dedicated to analyzing business data. They report on this report IOS 12 (at any time) already has 75% of the equipment Also compatible. adoption has been faster, the same percentage was reached on December 17 of the previous year with iOS 11.

Ios 12% 75 adoption

On the other hand, devices that have iOS 11 operating systems only have less than 20%. Meanwhile About 5% of Apple's computers have a different iOS version. That is, one of thirty groups has a smaller version than iOS 11.

finally, faster adoption is a sign that Apple learned from past mistakes, providing a stable operating system (and not having an iOS 11 bug salad). Even though the FaceTime team needs to delay some features, iOS 12.1 was released.

What do you think about IOS 12 growth?

Source: GSM Arena

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