Monday , May 16 2022

It arrives at the Libertadores team against the Curricó of Uk


Chile University The title could not be discussed National Championship Iquique sports against the last week, which will direct something that will be directed on Sunday Curicó Unido, behind it is looking for cLoneliness to take the direct card of the 2019 Copa Libertadores team.

Frank Kudelka assured that the band will participate in the contest of the continent, hoping to win the first stage in the first stage, but this is not enough. A team with a better performance in the second half, that too every year will be closed as a winning tournament (Has up to 17 victories up to now).

Thus, the obligation to add three, U At least it must wait at the draw of the University of Concepción Colo Colo's duel, to win second place in the standings.

In this task, they are the titles of the blue team Johnny Herrera; Matías Rodríguez, Christian Vilches, Rafael Vaz, Jean Beausejour; Rafael Caroca, Gonzalo Espinoza, Yerko Leiva; Yeferson Soteldo, Francisco Arancibia, Nicolás Guerra or Sebastián Ubilla.

Meanwhile, Curicó, who is dreaded by the fall and without the chance to obtain the South American Cup title, Jorge Deschamps; Yerson Opazo, Eric Godoy, Kennet Lara, Joao Ortiz; Sebastián Zúñiga, Martín Cortés, Ricardo Blanco, Matías Cavalleri, Mauro Quiroga and Gabriel Vargas.

All the details of this meeting, organized simultaneously with the decisive games of the 30th day, can be followed together Al Aire Libre.k virtual marker.

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