Saturday , January 23 2021

It can be a new iPhone in 2019

Beginning in the beginning of the year, Apple He worked on his 2019 roadmap to face it Commerce War between China and the United States and closes bad year he had a purse

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According to the Wall Street Journal, the company would move chips and determine some details about it This new iPhone will be presented this year.

This means that Apple introduces it three new modelsThey are divided as follows:

Tracking the iPhone Xs Max:

du "iPhone 11 Max" (this name is not confirmed) 6.5 inch screen and it would be a novelty Triple back camerawhose functionality is still unknown.

IPhone's "normal" IPhonest hit:

On the other hand, iPhone 11 "traditional" I would be a screen 5.8 inches and unlike the "Max" model I would keep the back camera double and no I would go to the three cameras. In this way, this option opens up The new 2019 iPhone is different in size, as well as in the specifications.

IPhone Xr follower:

Despite criticism, Apple would have the ability to upgrade most of the "economic" devices due to the iPhone XR and 2019 update. It would be great news Double-sided rear cameraUnlike the current model, it has only one.

Apple This publication in Wall Street Journal has not mentionedAs it is unknown, the company will continue to pursue its pricing policy or, finally, after those complex months, it will decide to lower them.

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