Friday , May 20 2022

It confirms the seriousness associated with coffee consumption


The Center for Biomedical Research (CIBEROBN) of the Spanish Network of Obesity and Food Network (CIBEROBN) has found a long life related to the consumption of coffee, with 20,000 volunteers, after graduating from all Spanish universities, for an average of ten years.

Research found that, by age, the number of important factors with age was significantly diminishing in relation to lower mortality. The effect is exposed to caffeinated coffee and caffeine; both solvents and machines.

By age, the most important factors that consume coffee are the death rate

According to the data published by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, it was a strong support for people over 55 years old and showed clear doses of 1 to 6 glasses per day.

According to Adela Navarro, the cardiologist and researcher in the Healthcare System of Navarra, we know that these high hypotension hypotheses did not exist in the long term. "We now find clear benefits for the death of all the causes, which supports the benefits of consumption."

Estefanía Toledo, professor and director of the University of Navarra, has indicated that the results have been using rigorous methods to evaluate the impact of new coherent coherence, such as the EPIC study or EUREYE. -spain

However, the innovative aspect of the new research is that benefits have consumed 4 to 6 days of coffee consumption, especially among the elderly, mainly due to the death of chronic illnesses.

More coffee, lower mortality?

In this way, the alternative explanations of causality were better controlled, a clearer mutual society was maintained: more coffee, lower mortality.

The effect is exposed to caffeinated coffee and caffeine; both solvents and machines

According to the authors, "There is no danger that studies will affect the problem of ex-consumer patients, that is, those who leave coffee because they have a previous illness.

For the experts, the benefits can not be explained by just one component, because it is coffee "The substance is a complex mixture, among them antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, and they seem to have a synergy."

"When we advocate a healthy diet or habits, we want to move away from people who like it. There are many people who love coffee, these are robust and surely sure" Miguel A. Martínez-González, another author.

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