Thursday , February 9 2023

It would be in the Pokemon GO game based on Blizzard Warcraft


Although critically criticized for Devil Immortal, Blizzard pours out mobile titles.

A new report suggests that Blizzard is working Warcraft universe-based Pokemon GO style game (through PCGamer).

Kotaku has published an article on Diablo Past, Present and Future Demon immortalThe floating title announced by BlizzCon, the fans who strongly criticized.

Despite the negative reaction of Diablo Immortal, Blizzard is the opposite of what happens when floating mobile games take place very fun games, because most developers are playing, of course the well-known Pokémon GO uses real-life reality.

The report states that the creation of a Pokémon GO based on Warcraft could potentially be generated, but it has also been said that Pokémon is a big fan of Coker Stockton, the world's largest designer of World of Warcraft.

Although there are no details, the Pokemon GO of the title has similar characteristics, but it also has other characteristics, such as the mechanics of individual games.

What do you think of an idea? Warcraft GO for mobile?

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