Saturday , January 29 2022

Itaú Corpbanca imposed a $ 6 billion dolphin for violating bank law


du Bank and Financial Institutions Superintendent (SBIF) he reported according to resolution Eventually, it was established on January 4th Itaú Corpbanca a nearly 6,000 million dollars fine according to Breach of credit limits established in the General Bank and SBIF standards.

This measure was completed by the sanitary procedure initiated at the Superintendent of 2017 and was carried out in accordance with the ruling issued by the Court of Justice. This means that the banks have approved the claim filed by banks, whereby sanctions were introduced in 2015.

Especially, and as Itaú Corpbanca has said that this is essential for this date, The obligation to pay fine of 5,985,328,978 euros was disbursed due to the cancellation of the credit limit corresponding to the debt itself, thanks to the award of credits for 2013The formulation of the positions of administrative procedure initiated by the superintendent was carried out.

Likewise, in 2011, the exception of the statutes of limitations established by Itaú Corpbanca was approved in relation to other charges related to the exceptional procedure.

Regarding the operation of 2015, the Bank's defense was approved, taking into account the existence of guarantees granted to this credit.

The administrative and judicial remedy established for this purpose comes from these resolutions.

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