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Japanese trivia Yusaku Maezama tricks to create the most shared tweet on Twitter history


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Yusaku Maezawa's Japanese fashion empire holds billions of millions of dollars.

Japan's Yusaku Maezama likes challenges.

He has got the latest ones with Twitter. And a tweet published on January 5 has become the most shared in the social network history.

Tweety was retrieved More than four million times.

The Zozotown website earned a sales volume of 10 million Japanese Yen ($ 92 million US $) in Christmas.

But Maezawa offered some incentives for people to share their message.

The Japanese mogul distributed 100 million yenalmostUS $ 1 million) They made 100 brave men.

"To participate, All you have to do is follow me and RT (retweet) this tweet, "said social networking.

This strategy allowed Maezawa to overcome Carter Wilkinson, A young American, in May 2017, broke the record for free chicken suckers at Wendy's, a fast-food chain in the United States.

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Carter Wilkerson was 16 years old when he got his tweet shared over 3 million times.

The company said it needs 18 million retirees. In the end, he got more than 3.5 million (and nuggets free, but it does not arrive).

Wilkinson, before the American actress and presenter Ellen DeGeneres He has been recording for three years, with selfie, then a new concept during the 2014 Oscar ceremony.

From Japan to the Moon

Maezawa has long been known as punk band in Switch Style, but his fortune became a fashion world.

In recent years, this billionaire, ownervirtual clothing storeZozotownJapanese news has been paid to pay record prices for contemporary art work. In May 1998, Start Today created the CD and imported catalog catalog company.

A few months ago, he published the global presses as soon as possible, with the announcement of his earlier move to MoonX with SpaceX, the Americans Elon Musk.

Obviously, Musk also posted a fervent on the social media network on Twitter, showing that there is a photo of Maezama.

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Elon Musk / Twitter

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Elon Musk shared this photo with Maezama on Twitter.

The Japanese are more challenging. In the last conversation, he said that when he traveled to the Moon, until 2023 he wanted to create a celestial body.

The price paid for the Mausadas to travel to space was not understood, Musk said "lots of money".

Maezawa's personal fortune is $ 3,000 million.

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