Saturday , January 29 2022

Jeff Bezos divorce: what will happen to his $ 160 million eight?


Even if they distribute their assets, when the laws of Washington state, where they live, it would be enough for future women to be the richest women in the world in the future.

Amazon's creator Jeff Bezos and his wife MacKenzie announce their divorce on Twitter Wednesday after a 25-year marriage.

"As we know our families and their close friends, after exploring love and separating the trial, we have decided to divorce our friends and continue our lives," they said through the social network.

The decision goes into play The largest fortunes in the world, US $ 160 million, plus a number of properties, including two Beverly Hills mansions, 30,000 hectares and four conditions in Texas, in a historic building in the Manhattan Central Park.

I still do not know how to divide the immense heritage, even though they both said Joint ventures and businesses are still a member. But if they agreed to distribute their assets, Bezos would have enough money of $ 80 million for his future wife Become the world's richest woman, with great advantage.

He is currently the owner of the planet's fortune, Francoise Bettencourt Meyers, the successor to the L & # 39; Oreal empire, of $ 45,600 million.

The family of Bezos established it in Washington, one of the few states in the country, where assets acquired in a marriage, including income, common goods.

Bezos has stated that his wife's key help was to invent Amazon in 1994, as a simple online library. In fact, MacKenzie was one of the first employees of the company.

The couple met in the bank in 1992 D.E. Shaw did not work and according to the company's "legend" They have written a strategic plan together The company's trip to Seattle.

Bezos increased his fortune through the Amazonian stock market this week the most valuable company in the world, one Capitalization over $ 800 million, Microsoft Dethroning

Since its inception, the group has grown exponentially, the traditional retail giant challenges, like Walmart, and expanding to new businesses.

The notification goes a few days after the magnate has completed 55 weeks, the current wife is 48 years old. The couple has three children, now a teenager and a little girl from China.

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