Tuesday , January 25 2022

Jim Carrey, after appearing in a new pair with the Golden Globe carpet, steals his eyes on TV and shows


This Sunday, they made a new delivery to Golden Globs and Jim Carrey was shocked by the red carpet, when he officially introduced his new partner.

Ginger Gonzaga is the actor, along with the lead actor for the best comedy actress. Joking, in which both works.

A long black dress came in with her short leg and an asymmetric collar with her long sleeve. Meanwhile, he chose a black suit and a tie.

But this was not the first public event to go to the event named Sunset Tower Hotel, but without confirming the relationship.

Valerie Macon | AFP

Valerie Macon | AFP

        Frazer Harrison / Getty Images | AFP

Frazer Harrison / Getty Images | AFP

It should be noted that the attention of the couple is obvious because the actress is the first time she appears with another woman, after her exotic girlfriend, Cathriona White's composer.

Cathriona was found dead in her apartment in 2015 after undergoing an overdose of drugs.

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