Wednesday , January 26 2022

Johnny Herrera was the Condensed Title


The Chilean rugby team won Pumas (Argentina) and won the Gold Cup in the traditional tournament played at Punta del Este.

du Punta del Este seven The circuit must be one of the regular competitions 7th Rugby in South America He has been celebrating this tournament for 30 years Condors won the Gold Cup for the first time to win Pumas (Argentina) 7-5.

The game was very emotional when Chile lost 5-0 and lost to Lucas Westcott's final game and Rodrigo Fernandez made a succession to Condor, Before winning Pumas, Germany (28-21), Paraguay (47-0), United States (27-5), Canada (31-10) and Portugal (24-14).

The historic victory against the Pumas team (Argentine players tend to play championships with projection equipment) All made by Johnny Herrera. The artillerymen of the University of Chile used social networks.

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