Monday , June 5 2023

Join Copa Airlines with United and Avianca, to provide a better passenger service


Join Copa Airlines with United and Avianca, to provide a better passenger service

Copa Airlines has signed a business agreement with United Airlines and Avianca Holdings, and has been approved by the relevant regulatory bodies for customers, communities and passengers, traveling between 19 United States and Central and South America.

More customer options

By integrating network access network networks, Copa Airlines, United and Avianca, in the context of a joint revenue sharing business, will offer customers additional benefits, for example:

• Integrated service in more than 12,000 possible combinations of urban couples
• Continuous new routes
• In the more accessible routes
• Reduced travel times

Economic benefits for the clients and communities we support

Airlines predict that this agreement will boost passenger traffic from the main Latin American capitals and, most importantly, to attract new investments and create more opportunities for economic and economic development of the communities.

In addition, airlines estimate that the JBA will offer more opportunities for customers, shared codes, competitive rates and a simplified and effective travel experience.

A better customer service

As if it were one of the routes that this agreement covers with this agreement, it will be possible to align airport flight programs so that you can coordinate flight paths and reinforce the overall journey experience.

"By joining our company, joining United Airlines, we hope to expand our customer service opportunities with the United States of America and the United States," said Pedro Heilbron, CEO of Copa Airlines.

"We believe that this agreement will be beneficial for our passengers, extending the network of more than 275 destinations in Latin America and the United States, and we hope to promote the development and strengthening of investment in our region."

"This agreement represents the next chapter of the US and Latin American air market," said Scott Kirby, president of the United Airlines.

"Working with our Star Alliance, Avianca and Cup partners is very pleased to promote further competition and promote growth in this market, and business and leisure traveling in the Western Hemisphere is a better customer experience".

"We are convinced that they are stronger in the United States and the Latin American market, which can be the three companies that can be individually," said Hernán Rincón, CEO, CEO of Ejecutivo – Avianca.

"This Alliance will strengthen Avianca as the top American player in the aviation industry. With United and Cup, we will open our offerings on our continent to provide better connectivity to our customers."

Great competition for customers to benefit from

Even though business-to-business deals make it easier for customers and increase competition, nowadays, it relies on 99% passenger traffic from the United States and Central America and South America without any kind of agreement.

In addition, the competition between Latin American and US markets has grown and offers airlines and services. In this sense, this agreement represents a product that boosts and stimulates competition in a strong and powerful market that they believe in products.

"Our analysis shows that the countries that cover the commercial agreements of the proposed commercial units proposed by Copa, United and Avianca will generate great benefits," said Darin Lee, vice president of consultancy at Compass Lexecon, and an airline industry expert. .

"This JBA will enable Copa and its partners to effectively compete, offer competitive prices, boost the service, promote innovation and promote a more robust and dynamic market."

Regulatory approval process

Customers, communities and the market, Copa, United and Avianca will allow customers, communities and markets to coordinate the United States Department of Transportation and other regulatory bodies in the field of competition and immunity. . The parties will implement this agreement when they receive the corresponding approval.

The JBA now includes cooperation between Central and South America and the United States of America. However, the agreement of the open agreements between the United States and Brazil allows companies to analyze the viability of the agreement.

Once approved, the JBA will allow for strategic commercial cooperation that will be exclusively applicable to the Latin American and American routes envisaged in the agreement. It is also important to confirm that three airlines are still independent.

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