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Jorge Alís still has serious voices in his voice Viña | Vina

There is a lot of concern about the Argentinean comedy presentation Jorge AlisWednesday, Wednesday, will be held on the 27th Fifth Vergara.

The problem is that the candidates yesterday had problems with his voice. In fact, during a regular press conference, he asserted that he was a virus. Since last Friday, it has had a complex throat.

"I hope from here (Tuesday) this morning (today, Wednesday) that happens. If I had to present it, I would really like to attract other things," said laughter yesterday. "Today, I hope, God, I think, Vasquez goes to my knees," he added.

But the truth is that it is not yet fully recovered. This proved with his Instagram account, where he shared the sound of Quinta Vergara's trial.

"I'm here when I'm doing the fifth round, I can not talk a lot. So … look beautiful. Wonderful, there is little. You see me Chao," said the short sequence, where the dysphonia is obvious.

Thanks to the organization of the event, BioBioChile said that the Alis show is standing and that the artist has improved and improved the corticosteroids.

In addition, he emphasized that the presentation of the artist never stopped suspended in the history of the festival, and that would not be an exception.

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