Wednesday , September 28 2022

José Luis Gamonal Colo Colo opts for the departure of Agustín Orion


According to Temuco, Pije goalkeeper is Santiago, Cacique and Unión Español.

Agustín Orion is working on the renewal process of the contract Colo Colo. The intention of both sides is to continue, but to leave, he will look for a new Cacique goalkeeper to make it stronger with Brayan Cortes.

Therefore, the possibility José Luis GamonalSports Center, Temuco. According to El Austral, Meme is in Santiago, with Sergio Morales, Cacique and Unión Español. He will look for another match, due to the low performance of Diego Sánchez.

The 29-year-old goalkeeper played in the disappearance of Pije and Unión Temuco, a short break in Ibiza 2010. According to statistics, Miguel Ponce's team was the goalkeeper who took bolts in the National Championship 2018.

This week must be fixed Orion's continuity or exit to see how Colo Colo moves forward.

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