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José Manuel Parada, father, heard about his murder and continued on stage

Within the series of web chapters "It's the other story" Some of the most important events in the last Chilean history, Bewilderment One post has been dedicated to the case Roberto Parada, José Manuel Parada, fatherThey died in the cases of Degollados.

Under the name "The function must be followed", the video tells the details of the day he presented the work of the famous Chilean actor "Spring Break Corn", Adaptation of the novel by Mario Benedetti along with the ICTUS theater company. This work was about an exiled father, whose son was a political prisoner of the Uruguay dictatorship.

Events that occurred on March 30, 1985, on the day of the stand about the murder of his son Augusto Pinocheten's dictatorship. It was amazing in the middle and still knew he decided to continue working.

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He disbanded his friends, but it was useless. The stop was stopped on the stage and they have watched this one until today. The room was full, but as he moved on, more people arrived: He decided to find out about his death and go with him.

Degollados case

From March 28 to 29, 1985, they were kidnappeds José Manuel Parada Maluenda, Santiago Esteban Nattino Allende and Manuel Leonidas Guerrero Ceballos. Near the Pudahuel airport, the bodies found on March 30, cut their heads and tortured them.

Parada Maluenda, at the age of 36, was the sociologist and son of Roberto Parada. He worked Head of the Department of Analysis of the Vicarine Solidarity.

"He said he did not interrupt the work, which he dedicated to his excellent son", Remembers the creator of the Ictus Theater, Nissim Sharim.

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