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Juan Carlos Gaete Colo Colo is the first strength in 2019

The club's social media officers did this afternoon on Thursday, and unless the examinations and the corresponding signature are ready, everything is ready for the season before the season.

On Thursday afternoon, he became an official rumor at the last minute. Juan Carlos Gaete Colon Colo's first official strength becomes 2019.

All day long Hannibal was the sameFormer President of B & W, for the one ADN talking to sports he confirmed There was a consensus on the player who was in charge of Cobresal, but he was the owner of Magallanes.

"I received a message from Gabriel Ruiz Tagle about Juan Carlos Gaete, said he had an agreement"Said Mosa on the radio.

only one He spent a few minutes on Twitter to make the official account of Colo Colo for a public deal He arrived with the young man born in the cadets of Magallanes.

Colo Colo's Twitter message was:

We have highlighted the promotion of Gustavo Huerta. He played 30 games, scored seven goals and played 2169 minutes.

So things, Only present the examinations and the signature Colo Colo as the first reinforcement In 2019, that is, the Copa Sudamericana, the National Championship and the Chilean Cup competition.

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