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Juan Gabriel: Chronology of the supposed renaissance of "Divo de Juárez"

Juan Gabriel He died on August 28, 2016 in California, United States. However, since that date the singer has created several theories that are alive, and simulate his death to eliminate a plot against him.

The first was talking about this Joaquín Muñoz, Former director of "El Divo de Juárez", said in November Juan Gabriel He is alive and constantly fills him. Although it is responsible for paying current current expenses.

Also comment Joaquín Muñoz In Mexico and in the world, more controversy was made when Juan Gabriel was involved in a provisional report after simulating the alleged death in 2016.

"He simulated death. It is not hidden because it is an attacker or a drug trafficker. It is in a house and it is very comfortable. Next month [diciembre]As in the 15th, it will appear publicly, "said the colorful character of the" Intruders "program.

After the comments of Muñoz, he appeared Jorge CarbajalHe has conducted research on the death of Juan Gabriel in Mexico's journalist. In addition, the singer is still alive and has also revealed to the media he is communicating with.

Carbajal and Juan Gabriel It happened in Mexico after the earthquake that occurred in 2017. The journalist has taken us to a house in Morelos [donde supuestamente estaba escondido Juan Gabriel] An invisible food box and "shocked" when he saw a living.

"It's less greasy and gray. She's shaved, it's not like Santa Claus, what they said, but wearing a bearded shawl and a hat. I was surprised and gave it a box. He said: "Thank you, my son. We'll talk later," said Carbajal in the "Intruders" program.

However, Jorge Carbajal He does not believe Juan Gabriel will reappear for the public, not just for the show. According to him, the singer himself said that the song was "tired".

"I think[[[[Juan Gabriel] One day will be returned, but I do not think in December or January, much less to make a show. I proposed to go back to a concert, but he told me: "I was singing for 40 years. I'm tired, I want to produce what I want," added the journalist.


Now, after amazing theories Joaquín Muñoz and Jorge Carbajal, who he was with Juan Gabriel On the day of his death, he talked for the first time on the subject and breaks the hypothesis mentioned by his confessions.

About this Isaac Efraín MartíneZ, a friend of Juan Gabriel and a suspect in the Mexican press, "The Divo de Juárez"'s last sentimental couple died at a specific time.

"I'm sure Juan Gabriel He's not alive, but I think people think. It's a good thing to have that excitement, but you need to accept things, "said Martínez in the" Drop the soup "program.

He also acknowledged that all the workers were warned in that house Juan Gabriel The death of the singer-songwriter, "Querida" and "Hasta que te conoce".

"I've seen, I'm the only one who knows all this[Death[lamuertede[Heriotza[lamuertedeJuan Gabriel](…) I warned all the staff. We were six at home, "he said.

Two years after Juan Gabriel's death, many social networking users and loyalist enthusiasts are hoping to find "El Divo de Juárez" forever resting.

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