Wednesday , October 20 2021

Juanfra Matamala's full decision on Rojo's favorite: Capilla went on TV and show


The controversial "rescue" was a horrible actor Juanfra Matamala in RedAfter criticizing the dancer, the viewer and the competitors were criticized after the release of the public after removing the chap after taking the public. favoritism to participate in a program.

Previously, he followed some of the unusual event events. For example, it was received from production in the key instances that remain in continuous authorization delete.

It finally happened on Friday, after retrieving Friday's "expulsion from Friday", even when it did not appear in the program studio.

With the previous one, Matamala was there five participants Looking for the next finish line Pablo Ñancucheo, Rodrigo Canobra, Francisco Solar and Xiomara Herrera, caused by discomfort among classmates

On Monday, the dancer criticized. "When I gave it back to the competition for this season, I told the production that I made in the 15th," said Matamala, to ensure that production "Lost permission".


After submitting it, he sent the jury chapelHe argued that he was "unwilling". Afterwards, Matamala responded that the landscape was a technical issue, and revealed its demand for production. Red Before the presentation.

"I attended the meeting with the production and asked if I wanted to win today or I lost it on Friday. I think it's a happy birthday for my colleagues.", she assured her.

Then the dancer added: "I went to my head … It's been a tough day and I feel like myself"..

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