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Judge Madrid declares the murder of Frei Montalva "Diario y Radio U Chile"

After a thorough investigation, after 37 years, a historic trial has been issued for the first death in our country. The sentences are in jail, except for Dr. Helmar Rosenberg Gomez and Sergio González Bombardiere, who may be sentenced for a period of 3 years by conditional referrals.

Claudia Carvajal and Camilo Villa

Wednesday, January 30, 2019 At 15:27.


His 15-year research, Judge Sergio Madrid, concluded that the death of the former president Eduardo Frei Montalva was not due to natural causes. On Wednesday, the magistrates indicated that the dictatorship agents had killed the Christian leader of democracy.

According to the communication of the Judiciary, the legal ruling is punished by Dr. Patricio Silva Garín for at least 10 years of imprisonment sentenced to imprisonment, as the author of the offense punishable and punished by number 391. 2. Penal Code. On the other hand, Luis Becerra Arancibia (CNI President and Informing Director) and Raúl Lillo Gutiérrez (CNI Civil Agent) were sentenced to punish a seven-year prison sentence. ".

"Justice is set over impunity" The lawyer of Nelson Caucoto, after hearing Judge Sergio Madrid's verdict, said. "The first thing about the crime is a low level of penalties, with only one explanation, the punishment corresponds to the crime of simple homicide, that is, imposed by the Minister of Madrid and sanctions. In the 81s and 82s the punishments were very low thanks to the punishment that we have today, less than expected ".

Before an appeals against the judge, the Frei family attorneys did not exclude this option. "We will have to analyze this problem (…) if it is against this trial in relation to the classification of the offense".

The professional said they think they are complainants Earlier President died "skilled homicide, premeditated, through toxic elements, and shows the homicide figure Without a doubt, penalties increase "

"Democratic Christian parties created by Eduardo Frei Montalva (…) It consists of an unprecedented event in the configuration of a magnicidio. Today, he has told the story of this country that Eduardo Frei died, "said Christian Democracy Luciano Fouillioux.

Luis Castillo, former President Frei died, Luciano Fouillioux "has a resolution of 808 pages, we have to examine it," Luis Castillo asked.

Castle Factor

Luis Castillo, the director of the Undersecretary of Assistance Networks, was an autopsy of the former president. According to the ruling, Castillo would not be the criminal responsibility of the activities of the UC Health Network, but it is "doubtful".

In 2000, the current secretariat rejected the body of the health center by president, but Segio Gonzalez said that the document was reported by the autopsy Castillo. Later, he acknowledged the doctor as an autopsy and stated that Frei Ruiz Tagle was not asked to perform.

In the resolution, Judge Madrid recalled that Castillo's report is about the misrepresentation of the doctor's notification ", when the aforementioned doctor confirmed by a study by Dr. Castillo, the question was asked, because the former president did not report the existence of the sample." However, the court ruling states that "it is not enough that this note is not enough to authorize the responsibility of the person in charge of the researcher named Doctor (Dr. Castillo) because his or her behavior is not understood in accordance with the budget quoted in Article 17. The Criminal Code was created as a" .

Eduardo Frei Montalva was a key figure in Christian democracy, and during his death he became the leader of the dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet.

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