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Julian Elfenbein's Madrugaton Glamorama embarrassment


Author: C. Z. / December 1, 2018

There are unexpected things in Teleton. It happened in Madrugaton. Wounded Julian Elfenbein.

The Pasapalabra animator directed the section of Diana Bolonia. Everything was fine, Julián brought consequences to dance. He broke his pants.

The first ones realized "teletonists". Then Julian touched the back door, where the clothes were cracked. There, Diana noticed and started jokingly with his embarrassment:

Julian Elfenbein: "Sorry, sorry …!"

Diana Bolocco: "What happened to you?"

Diana and "Teletonists" approach Julian and turn them back. His pants slit.

Elfenbein: "I'm sorry, I tried to dance a step …"

Bolocco: "But Julian, no!

Elfenbein: "I wanted to do something"

Bolocco: "The worst thing is a little glamor"

Elfenbein: "I did not crack, I did not turn it on again! I have no other!"

Bolocco: "The worst thing is underpants! Did you know?

Elfenbein: "Unlike Philip Avellus, I did not clean my underwear"

Bolocco: "I saw them from here (on the front), but not from here (back). What do I know about? Tai looks really good. Look, Karen.

Karen Doggenweiler: "Ta harto bien"

Elfenbein: "Rafa (Araneda), do I have other pants?"

Bolocco: "Rafa, come and see"

"Teletonists" approach and open more pit.

Elfenbein: "No, I do not have another one! Rafa, give me one!"

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