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Julio César Rodríguez and Pamela Díaz will give a new show in the morning of the Glamor of Chile


Author: Cristián Farías Ravanal / December 18, 2018

The letters are for the new version of Chilevisión morning.

After a terrific year of intense coexistence in La Mañana, the changes are sharp. Depending on the Fourth Account and other sources consulted GlamoramaIn the next 2019 a new program has been released.

It will be a vast space, it mixes, it leaves at 7 o'clock and will be distributed in two different bands, the formula before the previous channels.

Julio César Rodríguez and Monserrat Alvarez will be the first band and will be clear about the news. It will be a skill for journalists to analyze the current situation and the country's agenda.

Then there will be a second block of entertainment content and family, with animation by Pamela Diaz and Jean Philippe Cretton.

It has already been proven that this night is the night of this night, ours and other days, substitutions by Rafael Araneda and Carola de Moras.

This complete reform of the CHV morning comes after a wonderful environment of 2018, with Pamela Díaz's Carola de Moras and the bad wave with Rafa Araneda.

Díaz released in May saying that De Moras "is a bad copy of Tonka Tomicic." A few months later, Carolina left the screen as a problem for Araneda, due to the audio filters, and finally the cheerleader interrupted her contract in advance.

Meanwhile, Araneda does not renew the agreement with the private signal and will continue the next week.

CHV officially responded to La Cuarta: "It is not yet defined what will be done in the morning. Two blocks are currently being investigated, current contracts and traders are still not resolved."

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