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Junaeb 2019 launches the application and renewal process – It's worth

The Junaeb 2019 scholarship begins with the application and renewal process

Basic, average, or higher education students will be from November 26 to January 11.

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du National School of Scholarships and Grants (Junaeb) He called on basic, middle, or higher education students to request or renew their education Aid for 2019 students.

The process is available on the Junaeb website, so that students can quickly access information 26th of November From 2018 onwards January 11 For 2019

In this portal you can access the following benefits: Maintenance scholarships, professional scholarship professional internships and student housing and family housing programs.

Maintenance grants:

This benefit is made up money transfers Basic, middle or higher education helps students to access, maintain and complete their studies. To renew or apply, you must start or register with your account to complete a form. In addition, the Social Security Register must be registered, former Social Security Card.

The available benefits are as follows:

  • The Republican Deputy President of secondary and higher education (only for the final renewal).
  • Basic, middle and higher education for indigenous scholarships.
  • Secondary and Higher Education Planning.
  • Individual admission to higher education.
  • Aysén Patagonia scholarships for higher education.
  • Aysén Scholarships for Higher Education.
  • Magallanes is beneficial for higher education.
  • Retiring school for fellowship support to the middle school.
  • Polymetales de Arica scholarships for secondary and higher education.

Student Family Residence Programs and Homes:

This benefit helps the student to receive hostel tutoring at family home, school, nutrition and care for their education and integral development and sustainability.

Practice Technical Practice:

This scholarship is a bonus of money 65 thousand Chilean pesos delivered directly to the fellowship holder. Technical and professional educational establishments enrolled in the internship plan for high school students.



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