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Karla Constant's message to Diana's arrival and her "floor whitening"

Rumors say the arrival of Diana Bolocco led to the departure of Karla Constant, although in the morning, according to the current driver of Mucho Gusto, 2018 "was a very successful year," La Cuarta said.

"I think it's a speculative time until the channel sends an official statement, which programs it will take part. Rumors are always up to an official communication," said Karla.

Regarding Cheerleader's approach to channel 13, Constant points out that "I do not think I've ever seen anybody's weight at all. I do not share that phrase, I think who they are. Directors should make decisions and that's it. I'm glad to pick up our program, I'm happy and open arms, because they know him and he's my friend, because they love him and he's a great professional, "he said.

She also opened the opportunity to work with Cecilia Bolocco's sister, which would be a great contribution in the morning.

"I think it would be super good with us, it is always adding new people with different opinions and experiences. It has all the features in our program or other projects, but the channel does not participate in projects."

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