Wednesday , October 27 2021

Katty Kowalecko acknowledged that he suffered persecution


On Saturday, as usual, there was a new "Divina Comida" session, a successful Chilevision program, which is the best part of the night. This time the guest stars Dj Black, Katty Kowaleczko, Coca Mendoza and Constance Roberts.

Kathy Kowalezsco told her stories about her past, suddenly we began to talk about her marriage at the beginning and how physically and psychologically she mistrusted her.

The Chilean actress acknowledged she was married to a very violent person for six months, becoming a disease. "Once I came to Santiago when I was on the street, I started there and my mother arrived."

After separating Kowalezcis, he was harassed, "I was stuffed for a long time, I began to send letters at noon and what I did tonight, as I was wearing, I took the microphone … Mom went to get my mom."

The story was a great influence on the participants and demonstrated the reality of many women.

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