Friday , September 24 2021

Kenita Larraín's biography is not among the best books

Biography of María Eugenia Larraín. Since Kenita has been attracting public attention since the beginning of October 12. Written by the journalist Sergio Marabolí, the book was first placed for sale for the first time, placing it at the top 3 most sought after.

However, it seems that Kenita Larrain's boom has exceeded, according to La Tercer, "Sky Eyes Rubio" this week came out in the Top Ten "Nonfiction" category, "The dancer of Auschwitz" Edith Eger, and " My story "after Michelle Obama.

Remember that Kenita Larraín biography, through interviews and interviews about 60 people, taking into account different stages of the model life. There, they emphasize love affairs with great athletics, such as Marcelo Ríos, Carlos Moya, Ivan Zamorano, or Luis Miguel, for example, the truth of the secretly concealed relationship.

Indeed, a few weeks ago, Kenita Larraín told "Llegó tu hora" TVN commented that he would never have had a secret secret like "the sun of Mexico".

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