Wednesday , October 20 2021

Kingdom Hearts 3: Publishes a statement about Nomura spoilers


In the last hours between the fans United Kingdom They should be cautious about social networks, apparently a few players already have a copy United Kingdom 3, and apparently, videos or catch spoilers have begun to shine. This community is angry that the director of the game, Tetsuya Nomura, had to start an official statement, not only to appeal to avoiding such unpleasant spoilers, but those who are already in the game should be careful. when you share your experience

Nomura's official note

Of course, everything that Nomura said should not be included in a tweet, because he decided to share an image with the same social network. "We know that Kingdom Hearts 3 small parts have begun to circulate on the internet and how it could have been investigated," says the Japanese director. "This is what our fans, excited about the release of the game, are causing inconvenience. Everything is over for work to see what we can do In order to solve this situation, we must first request that we share these videos. "

It also ensures Nomura After the game's secret epigogue and secrecy will be updated, they will be updatedto avoid unpleasant situations. "They will not be seen before the launch," says flat. "We also want to have experience after being part of someone's experience, so we ask for your cooperation for this."

It's only a month before it reaches the official version of Kingdom Hearts 3, on January 29, well-known insider Nibel he warned Twitter The existence of these early copies already exists. However, no-one has been away from previously uploaded videos and has seen more about the game account on PS4 and Xbox One, which is a franchise game for the first time coming to the console Microsoft.

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