Monday , May 16 2022

Kramer Returns to the Teleton Closing Ceremony: Lucho Gatica pays tribute and Luis Miguel imitates society


According to Mario Vera

It has become a habit In Telethon Closure Hall, Stefan Kramer is one of the most spectacular public National Stadium.

This time there is no exception It will be presented with new characters released at the end of this day.

According to La Tercera, A comedy prepares a surprise for Mexican star Luis Miguel to play. This stage shows a video clip that sings on this stage "Unknown" and also, They will appear in the imitation of the classical tic of the singer, his voice approaching He has remembered the conflicts he has had in concerts with soundtracks.

Another tribute to Kramer is another solemn moment Lucho Gatica, Chilean singer died on November 13, one of the biggest and most influential figures in the world's bolero.

"In these 40 years we wanted to pay homage to the great Chilean musicians, everything was done and Lucho died, we directly changed his homage" He commented on the morning newspaper.

Remember that Stefan Kramer has been in the past seven years show spectacles for solidarity shows, Miguel "Negro" imitates Piñera, Don Francisco and Luis Jara, among others.

The Telethon final show will be extended to two in the morning and will be presented as groups of people like Raphael, Emmanuel and Augusto Schuster.

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