Wednesday , May 18 2022

Kudelka U wants to be the "bird-bird" of the session and demands the unity of the group


Chile University This Sunday the race was over National Championship and the third is over. The path of the Laid-in had a difficult path, although he had detonated coaches and, therefore, in search of improvement, the coach Frank Kudelka the group was proposed to unify Just having an "exhibition bird".

"If you have a house and it rains because you have a broken roof inside and you have to fix it. If you cover the water door, you have to fix it. I look forward to what I have said with the graph, then in that sense Within this house, everyone comes together, strong and safe, without mistakes, because we will surely commit, for each activity, and If the passageways are not birds. The organization is always there, but we leave very little, and at least I try at least part of the part that I need to produce, we help with the idea, but we all need everyone, "said Blue trainer at the press conference.

In this way, he made a national call from the University of Chile's club, which will fight for the same purpose.

"We must meet, more than private interests, For example, being good contracts or fighting for oneself is normal, but when this happens, we move forward together, things that we do not say within ourselves, and our maximum reflections and maximum strength, wearing us"he commented.

Kudelka also confirms its U commitment and wants to stamp its project.

"I want to offer myself a job in the group, I have many habits, rules, order. I think there are many reasons and if that's not the case, it's not entirely based solely on everyone. And it is not that this is not tried, sometimes it has not been possible, we have had many external difficulties, "he said.

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