Monday , May 16 2022

La Calera qualified and the Union must wait


"Cement makers" will play for the first time in the international championship. While Hispanics hope Huachipatori, they have not won a Palestinian victory.

Funny stuff in Santa Laura's lawsuits Spanish Union and La Calera Union by the last date 2018 Scotiabank Tournament.

The locals achieved a victory South American Cup, while the tie came to the "cementeros".

Francisco Meneghin directed the goal and premiered at an international championship for the first time. Thanks to equal 1-1 of Independence.

The visitors scored a goal of 23 minutes. He was the Argentinian Mariano Barbieri de Athletic. Caleranos cut off a negative line, without having to score 678 goals. The latter was against the University of Concepcion on September 1.

The victory has left the team without Fernando Díaz, because O & # 39; Higgins defeated Audax Italiano (since he was able to win) and, therefore, Hispanics left all the complement. In the 66th minute, Ramino Gonzalez scored and linked everything.

La Calera was already classified Sports Antofagasta and Colo Colo. While the Union remained with the final temporary quota. Chacabuco Square Huachipato will not go to Palestine against La Cisterna on Sunday. If they win "Steelmakers", they will have Chile 4.

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