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LaBitConf will show Chile what the Latin American cryptographic scenario – DiarioBitcoin


From December 5 to 8, we will analyze various issues related to the world of cryptography, especially in the continent.

Today, Latin America presents cryptocurrency as a fertile ecosystem.

Often, cryptoconferences are presented as a possible solution to the historical problems of the region, and therefore, technology discussions, capabilities and limitations are repetitive.

This and more will be debated in the new edition LABITCONF, Latin American Conference of Bitcoin and Blockchain. That is why it will be held on December 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th at the Cultural Center CorpArtesLocated in Rosario Norte, 600, Santiago, Chile.

The situation in the region is very interesting about the world of cryptos. Brazil, according to data LABITCONF, More than 1.4 million accounts were opened Exchanges cryptoconferences, when banks saw more than 600 thousand records. In Mexico, cryptoconferencing was not accepted, but a new law was cataloged United States, allowing banks to work with them. In Argentina, cryptographic transactions and the first ATMs began to be installed, but this is not the only country that happens, as well as Chile and Panama, among other things. In Colombia, the Congress presented the bill – not yet approved – to issue licenses Exchanges Those who want to act in the country and have a tax transaction. Peruvian, cryptoconferences transactions increased by more than 50%. Uruguay has created a new special commission to establish how to regulate cryptography, prevent financial terrorism and money laundering. And Paraguay, meanwhile, is one of the fastest-growing mining operations in comparing Canada or Sweden with low cost renewable energy sources. Venezuelans, in a country that is experiencing a major economic crisis, cryptococci immigrants serve a large number of immigrants to send their families and companies increasingly accept more companies. For its part, Chile, the country of the host, where this conference will take place, is seeing more and more Exchanges and enthusiasts of learning more about critics.

In the middle of all the situation comes the sixth edition LABITCONF. The previous ones were held in Argentina (2013 and 2016), Brazil (2014), Mexico (2015) and Colombia (2017). As in previous years, the event will feature the most important industry benchmarks, including experts Bitcoin and blockchain Andreas Antonopoulos, founder and CEO ZCASH Zooko Wilcox and Diego Gutierrez Zaldivar RSK, Platform to bring a new wave of ICO in Argentina, currently in Bitcoin.

Tickets are already available to access this event website. The following are USD $ 300, for standard access, USD1,150 dollars, for the entire VIP experience.

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