Wednesday , September 28 2022

Latan unions will go unheeded by the heat of the season: the flight will not affect national


On Friday, December 7, the legal strike of the new National Union of Workers of Latam, part of which is included Workers working in Santiago airport.

However, the company certifies that the measure does not "create changes in the flight route to address this event" and that they are preparing to "minimize passenger travel experience".

The previous, as a preventative, the airline called for a departure flight to Santiago "Get more progress than expected".

This is because there could be problems or delays, for example when doing so check-in or start

"This possible strike would take place during the high season at an airport that will now fall, so it will be possible to anticipate passengers and facilitate the flight path," they said in a statement. Available on its website.

They also remember the inconveniences that may arise as a result of the conflict. That is why they say that There are "open conversations" with the aim of reaching an agreement with the union.

In this regard, they indicated that the passenger will inform their process through official channels and "constantly".

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