Wednesday , January 26 2022

Laura Prieto made a tough encounter with Luis Miguel


In a new chapter called "La Noche es Nuestra" by CHV, Laura Prieto acknowledged that Mexican singer Luis Miguel had invited him to a concert at the capital's capital.

As stated in the channel site, in the Scruples game, the guests scheduled a commentary with a platonic love, Uruguayan surprised by a stunningly wonderful revelation.

He said that 2005 members watched the show of the National Stadium singer and the artists gave a rose to the stage, which is why a body manager asked for his phone number.

At the end of the recital, the image consultant said Luis Miguel sent a voice message by inviting Viña.

"My daughter swore to Luis Miguel, inviting Viña, until I had deleted the question (message). I said to my doctor:" I invited Luis Miguel to Viña, "he said," you go with him to the hotel I have you, "said Prieto.

Despite Laura's unexpected statement, she did not clarify her appointment with La incondicional's interpreter.

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