After delaying Micron in 2006, more than 20 years ago, it left operations in 2017 and revived last year, Lexar Now, it presents a new memory card that covers up to 1TB masses for the first time. Or, at least, it allows them.

Although confirmed The Virgin SanDisk bought it a few years before, WD announced a prototype to tackle this capability, which never came to the market. For its part, Lexar has already placed cards on the market with competencies from 16 GB of land, reaching the seventh memory 1TB until the psychological barrier.

This card has more capacity than the SSD of several laptops, but its performance is not equally remote. And despite the lower rate of transfer, the price will not be so much. Its characteristics, the rest of the abilities are quite different:

  • Reading up to 95Mb / s, up to 70MB / s in writing

  • Certification Class 10, UHS-I (U3), V30

We see the brand as committed to this line of reading and writing of 95 to 70 MB / s Professional 633xtrue certificates are UHS-U3 and V30, which guarantee only 30 MB / s. That is why discouragement would be to use it professionally in applications that require fast speed.

Lexar memory card up to 1 TB SD

Now go about important things: prices. It's official price $ 499 -We do not know its translation in euros, but it will surely increase the other one- although we are still significantly reducing the entry into the market, although we are referring to the most common cost of prices.

Higher abilities have a significant effect on high-performance equipment, but not only on the card that allows speed limitations, but also on a smaller capacity, as well as a large amount of a single cartridge. In the meantime, we have resisted Equivalent to 256 or even 512 GB equivalent SD cards at a lower price.