Qualcomm It is widely known worldwide as the manufacturer of the most famous chips in the industry. With its processors, who use most of the sector's companies, the US firm has registered in the market. However, the legal section has not been so comfortable in recent years He has been sued for dignity and monopoly.

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This time, the case law is linked to the conflicts that began in 2016 South Korean Trade Fair Commission (KFTC) accepted the fine $ 915 million Qualcomm has an excessive dominance in the market. That is why the United States firmly refused the fine and presented an administrative complaint as a response.

That was then Samsung, Apple, Intel, MediaTek and Huawei Kalcomm entered into a lawsuit against class action against monopoly. However, in the months of Qualcomm he got a Samsung patent agreement, which he achieved South Korea left the legal car. Now, however, it has been added LG, It will try to promote the class action.

via PhoneArena