Thursday , July 7 2022

LG patented a mobile camera with three cameras capable of capturing and editing a three-dimensional camera


A photomontage with 16 cameras based on the LG V40 ThinQ
Image: Gizmodo in Spanish

First, the camera was double, triple, quadruple and soon, like a mobile phone like 16 independent cameras. At least patented by LG. Goal? To be able to direct 3D images to the point of mobile objects or become a realistic result.

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The company believes that it is better than three cameras in the phone, including nine cameras

Have you ever wondered if your good photos were just one or two of your cameras …

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The Korean patent company, LetsGoDigital, shows a terminal with 16 independent cameras arranged on a 4×4 network. The idea is that the terminals equipped with this camera can have up to 16 pictures of more than one period of time. This would, for example, change the position of a person or allow his or her face to rotate, so it is perfect.

In landscape pictures, 16 cameras allow editing of the scene by eliminating some elements or combining many shots by making them more spectacular. They would also accept live 3D recording.

The patent does not know the software about this invention, but it will require good doses of computational photography to make real changes in real time. Until now, there are no known plans to make these 16 cameras a reality in the near future, but they have little time like cameras like 9 lenses like 9 terminals and 16 Lens like L16 lights with nine LG V40 ThinQ tops. [vía LetsGoDigital]

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