Monday , May 16 2022

Lila celebrates the town: Concepción activated the series against the Ferroviarios and went up to Third A football


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CSD Conception

Relief has arrived Sports Concepcion On Sunday, he achieved the first major sporting achievement, after the parade, since his return to activity.

& # 39; Lila & # 39; He passed the photos from 3 goals to 1 in the Ferroviarios, And the result of the signing of the Third Final Third Division Final, He also got promotion.

& # 39; Lion & # 39; He won the afternoon with Matt Lagos (64 & # 39;), Ignacio Hermosilla (73 & # 39;) and Daniel Benavente (85 & # 39;). Meanwhile, Jorquerta won in the 67th minute.

It should be noted that the penquista teams had a great deal of support for the people, with more than 18,000 fans finished with Ester Roa Rebolledo.

Remember that the first part took advantage of "aurinegro" to win 2nd to 1st. However, The two wins of victory won Collao category

Now, in a duel, Sporting Concepcion will face the Club Deportivo Pilmahue.

Confirm that "Machine" is not going to lose everything, if you make a promotional contest, the last option to divide it.

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