Wednesday , October 20 2021

Lisandra Silva admits to marry Raúl Peralta


The Cuban woman stayed in Chile for the dancer.

Lisandro Silva became known in our country due to his "Doble Tentación" and his relationship with Leandro Penna.

In this context, a new girlfriend of the former reality, which was confirmed a few days ago, with a dancer, Raúl Peralta, decided to stay in our country.

"When I finished a cycle in Chile, I did not leave anything. We came to Raul, earned my love, my love and my trust for me," said Lisandra TVN in a conversation.

Then the actress talked about Raule's plans and was also asked to marry the dancer in the future.

"Yes, I would marry. Actually, I did not want to talk about my relationship, because it's something I've been doing in the past and I'm going to study the turns of life, so it's terrifying to say what you feel at that moment, because it feels a bit kind or bad. I feel very, in love and happy, "he said.

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