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Live Cult: Pulsar Azoka 2018


The Mapocho Station Cultural Center offers details of the new edition of the Basque music industry, Claudio Vergara, editor of La Tercera Espectáculos and a local music bicycle.

Yesterday, the ninth edition of the Pulsar Fair began at Estación Mapocho, a gathering that brings together the main indicators of the Chilean music industry.

Pulsar Azoka, organized by the Association of Artists and Musicians Association of the Chilean Society, will continue today and tomorrow to offer musicians, speakers, conferences, workshops, symphonic discs and live concerts.

Remember to see the exact program in the link.

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Claudio Vergara, editor of La Tercera Espectáculos, talks about his career and several Chilean musicians.

Pulsar Fair 2018: Saturday

I learn to play Live from Fair PULSAR. Comment and share!

Published by Culto on Saturday, November 24, 2018

Pamela Cotoras was one of the first conversations of the day, the author of Cantando aprendo a hablar, who analyzes the current situation in Chile, 31 minutes, with indicators such as Pulentos and Mazapán, as well as his musical project.

Cotoras also gave the opportunity to talk about the projects of his group, "to express his desire to be" in all our Chilean songs and with hope ".

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