Wednesday , September 28 2022

Live NEX 2 Snapdragon would come with 845 and 10GB RAM


A little bit now the brand I live It attracts the attention of a large part of the market. Its peak was with the presentation of the mobile phone with sliding front camera. But it seems to be an upgrade, NEX 2 is cooked in hand.

In other words, Geekbench passed a Vivo V1821A device. The rumor has not long been accepted. And this is reinforced so that the model number is matched to the previous filtration 3C certificate.

Live NEX 2 … two other mobile screens

The image above these lines corresponds to our host. You can see that Vigo NEX 2 will assemble Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor. That is, the main SoC for Android devices for 2018, next year Snapdragon 855 already has.

RAM will carry 10GB and Android 9 Foot factory. In other words, we will have power software update

And indeed, in terms of power, in results results test They look like 2,220 points Bakar-Core and 8,467 for the Multi-Core.

Additionally, if we take precedent rumors, Live NEX 2 would have a 6.5-inch screen. And why do I say "main screen"? Well, that's it This will be the front. That is another one screen 5.5 inches in the second rear.

In the background section too there will be a lunar ring with RBG illuminated notifications. Besides, We will have three main cameras, including the 3D ToF depth sensor (Flight time, or Flight Time).

However, The sliding camcorder, that is, the main feature of Vivo NEX, whose successor will disappear. Using the idea of ​​a secondary screen is to take advantage of and take advantage of the main camera triptych better catch selfies. It's similar to Nubia X.

Regarding your internal memory, it is likely that we will have it ROM 128 or 256 GB; or two options.

In the end, he continues to say that Vivono confirmed the launching ceremony on December 12 this year. For a few days we can meet all the secrets of this mobile.

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