Saturday , January 29 2022

"Lolo" won the Atlas at Reyes and rested on the table


The Chilean authorities defeated Queretaro and added important victories.

Guadalajara Atlas At his right foot, he started participating in his Closing Tournament League MX. along with Lorenzo Reyes As a beginner, under the direction Ángel Guillermo Hoyos He won 2-1 White Roosters of Querétaro.

The locals advanced Camilo Da Silva (40 & # 39;), but Jesus Isijara joined them for a moment. Osvaldo Martinez finished the second half (50 & # 39;).

The red and black box added the first three points in the championship, and, by the way, it stopped in the table after the Aztec breakdown. EThe final 2018 final, the rosarino coach finished the group was the last.

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