The relationship between Uber and the United Kingdom remains very complex. As the London Transportation Regulators decided in July 2017 to authorize the US licensing operation, the situation has changed. Governor's relationship with company safety in terms of passenger and driver. He says, and in particular, the use of Greberas, the location system of the public administration personnel, to prevent controls, were key factors in Uber's future. Almost 50,000 drivers were left to continue their activity under the control of their multinational.

It was in June of the same year, when the regulator and the Uber courts met again. With a caretaking agreement to transport London, Uber retrieved another 15-month license. The imbalance of the contract condition would endanger the entity's persistence. A few months later, Uber was again subjected to a problem with drivers attributed to affiliated workers.

Now, another headache resounds in the UK. On Tuesday, he will pay 400 million euros (385,000 pounds) after his announcement, as a punishment, of 2,700,000 clients and 82,000 cyber attacks. Addresses, emails, hacked in 2016 have been accessed by the phone; According to the company, the bank account, card and Social Security data were not confused. The problem is that Uber asserted that the hack was not reported one year later and paid $ 100,000 to destroy the data stolen by the perpetrators. From the point of view of the information curator's office, Bloomberg "this is not only a serious failure of Uber's data security, but he steals customers and drivers from stealing personal information." ".

This is not the first point that technology is using for data leakage and its denial. The Netherlands condemned Uberra for leaks in 2016. In this context, the leak has called for the first resignation: Joe Sullivan, the chief of security personnel. This error has been revoked, but one year's error has been hidden.

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