Wednesday , May 18 2022

Los Renegados receives the Navy Negra, the first annual crossing competition


The second phase of Destiny 2 has been the first of three of the first notes: Black Armory Renegade Pass is available for everyone who is committed to the year, which brings about the emergence of new ones toys Divide justice to the solar system.

Black Armory It offers a new adventure series based on Four Lost Lanes Hubs to restart and restart the galaxy and update our arsenal. But this is just the beginning: a new survey will begin on December 7 to get more glory and booty.

In fact, Bungie does not know that the Guardia Civil is just a few deadly weapons, and therefore has prepared a trailer that will be waiting for the protagonists at the end of each night.

The annual behind-the-scenes idea is very simple: fill in the players every week once a week. Some of them are temporary, such as the events of Aurora and Scarlet (Christmas and Valentine's Day) and others, for example, Black ArmoryThey will be permanently active.

And to make things easy, here is the official Fragua Season calendar.


And then what? Bungie forecasts two more seasons that will start in March and June, incorporating updates and free activities and an annual press release.

In fact, and as you can see below, some of these activities will be available to players Destiny 2 and they did not leap The Forsaken.


Bungie and Activision continue to spread the Destiny 2 endgame, and fans add new weapons, adventures and light levels. But, of course, Weapons will not be alone.

Annual Pass Destiny 2 It is worth € 34.99 and the expansion and expansion of I and II is required beforehand The Forsaken.

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