Wednesday , October 27 2021

Los Ríos has a 100% coverage for HIV Test


As of November 5, HIV / AIDS test Rapid exams are available in the Rios Region, who live for 2 years. There were 4,040 test kits for the first year of healthcare network and another 5 thousand months came from the 17 Family Health Centers in Los Ríos and their Cecosf, plus the Corral community hospitals. Lankok, for which you will have 100 percent coverage to make this study online.

The Director of Health Services Víctor Hugo Jaramillo Valdivia announced that "the Ministry of Health, through the Department of Healthcare Network, has promoted extensive training for healthcare professionals, in health care, in the country's 29 health services, increasing the number of infections of this disease and analyzing the 15-minute duration confess or exclude the virus in the body of anybody. "

At any time, any dentist, physician, nursing, and medical technician can offer, and eventually, anybody who performs rapid tests of HIV. The test makes fingerprints and the blood is in an immunocromatographic tape, in a cassette, similar to the test device of pregnancy, which detects or excludes the presence of the virus in less than 15 minutes. In this way, it can detect the patient's viruses to treat the treatment immediately and control the disease.

In the Los Ríos region, HIV / AIDS is a specific reality amongst the population, due to the data reported by Seremi de Salud Los Ríos, cases of Epidemiology have been reported to be valid until November 30, 59 infections (15 women and 44 men).

Salera Health (s), Denise Herrmann says, "It is less than that registered in 2017 and 69 notifications were registered, that is, 7 women and 62 men. The report states that in most cases it has occurred in the municipality of Valdivia and that there has been a change in age groups also between men between 31 and 50. "

It should be noted that Seremi de Salud reported in November this year only in the first half of 2018 that there were 30 new cases detected and that the main transmission route was sex, blood and perinatal. This time, the health authorities called for an "infectious disease virus (HIV-AIDS) to take care of self-care measures to prevent pollution". Progress in medicine has been able to control viruses, so society has to reduce fear, stigma and pathology. Let's talk about the matter in a natural way, to be informed and be aware that there is the only way to avoid prevention ".

"All reactive results, that is, a sample of the virus that must be confirmed later by the Public Health Institute (ISP)," said Health Seremi (S) Denise Herrmann.

The Minister of Economic Affairs, César Asenjo, stressed that the implementation of the Cesfam visual testing in the region is an important contribution to the public health of Los Ríos. "A quick visual study is to facilitate and increase access to HIV infection in the diagnosis, giving priority to the weakest groups, facilitating testing in community spaces, increasing early detection and accelerating access to treatment."


40 enrolled in the 40 careers and primary care healthcare network in the Los Ríos region have completed the final training of rapid tests of HIV in the Health Service. The aim of this course is to provide theoretically and technically the induction test for professionals without an induction test in their establishments and, thus, to increase the population's diagnosis and infection detection techniques.

The course coordinator Valdivia Health Service and the HIV / AIDS Prevention and Control Program said that Johanna Poblete was "referring to those who do not request FonaSa users, who are subscribed to them by Isapres, people or agreements, will be charged for queries, But the introduction of Quick Test Kit will not be charged, "he said.


To establish rapid visual tests on Cesfam, the Polyclinic Injector of the Laboratory Clinic at the Base Valdivia Hospital teamed up as a pilot in the "I. HIV / AIDS Prevention Campaign" on Wednesday afternoon. On December 5, a study was conducted for 40 people, followed by 70 tests They needed the community's interest and response.

The coordinator of the laboratory clinic (s), Dr. Jessica Gallardo reported, "campaign riders allowed transmission of the concepts of prevention and spread the features of non-invasive features and the delivery of results is fast and confidential." . The main population that participated in the campaign were women between the ages of 18 and 40.

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