Wednesday , October 20 2021

Lost Black DJ joke (Coni Roberts's house) at La Divina Food. | TV and shows


On Saturday, they saw a new Chapter of the Chilevision program, to prove that celebrities put their culinary skills, The Divine Food.

On this occasion, they would venture to the kitchen and Katty Kowaleczko, Dj Black, Gabriel & # 39; Coca & # 39; Mendoza and Constance Roberts are trying to persuade them.

In this context and panelists at home Hello Chile Dj Black "shocked" his teammate with an incredible action.

In addition to providing gifts to the Constitutional party, he said that he was cheating the cheek he was cheating on his jokes, but he did not say he took the rubber out of his mouth and threw it into the courtyard of the Journalists.



The situation prompted the host to make a condemnation, when he saw his guest, he said: "I am stuffed!", And quickly sent Black to find the treatment.



The moment in Twitter has not gone unnoticed, and the viewers have made some criticisms against Dj Black, because of the bad jokes and bad habits.

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