Saturday , June 10 2023

Lucas Barrios manages foreign deals and can leave Colo Colo


His representative, Lucas Bernasconi, arrived yesterday in the monument to talk about the future of leaders.

The Colo Colo classification Copa Sudamericana finished with the season's soccer voltages. Although the campaign was bad, the final goal was to open the doors of the 2019 season.

Yesterday, there were meetings about renovations: Agustín Orion, Julio Barros, Gonzalo Fierro and Cesar Pinares passed to Marcelo Espina's office Talk about your contract status. But they were not the only ones that met with the sports manager. Lucas Bernasconi, representative of Lucas Barrios, also met with the Monument to join Espina.

The future of the neighborhoods is not clear, as the Huachipator match progresses towards a possible exit. "I have the current contract, but we have to make decisions, all the players decide and we must comply with the decisions we agree with." he said.

"I have always been next to Brazil, I opened the doors and always had a return." Added La Pantera.

According to the Graphic Chile, Corinthians and Botafogo would be interested in the future. Marcelo Espina was presented to the player's representative.

Middle added "Leadership was not the striker against a possible sale, because the performance shown in the semester is not happy and, by the way, it would reduce the team's high cost."

The situation of Barrios would be resolved the following days. For now, the attacker is working on Macul and Sunday Sunday will begin at Concepción.

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